Pump and Splash


Our customers say...

“The kids had so much fun with Pump and Splash. Thanks so much!”
Susie C.

“The party was great and EVERYONE loved the pump and splash stations!”
Kristy T.

“Thank you so much. The children had a blast. The parents thought the pumps were fantastic.”
Camille P.

“My son LOVED having Pump and Splash at his 3rd birthday party. All of his friends and our adult guests thought it was a great alternative from the typical birthday jumpy. The kids played non-stop, kept cool on the hot summer day, and had loads of fun.”
Laura M.

Just the FAQs

What does the price include?
Prices quoted include drop off, set up, and pickup of the pumps. These are rental prices for a party up to 4 hours. Each additional hour is $100.

Whose water is used?
Yours. We set up the pumps and fill the bucket before the party. You may need to refill on occasion, depending on how much splashing the children like to do. A longer hose can be provided if needed to fill the pumps. Just let us know.

What age range are the pumps made for?
Age 3 years and up. (We've even seen adults take a turn or two!)

Are the buckets watertight?
No, make sure they sit on either grass or concrete.

Do you rent to schools and preschools?
Yes, we do! Water days, summer camps, or end of year/back to school celebrations are perfect for Pump and Splash. We are an approved vendor for LAUSD.

Are the kids going to get wet?
Not necessarily, but knowing kids, more than likely. Make sure guests dress for wet play and/or bring a change of clothes. You may want to have towels on hand.

How do I buy a pump?
Check out our Buy Pumps page. Right now, Pumper is the only pump we sell.

Can I have a Pump and Splash party in a park?
No, the Parks Departments will not allow it unless it is part of a bigger event.

What if my yard has steps?
The first 5 steps are free, each step after is $5 per step.

How far do you travel?
Los Angeles County, Northern Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernadino County

Can you stay and supervise my party?
Yes! We can supervise your event for a flat fee of $150 for supervision up to 4 hours and $25 per hour for every additional hour.


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